Zip Hoodies – That is the Title of this Post

We all know the Zip file. We use it all the time to compress larger chunks of data into smaller ones.

But what about Zip files in the era of ubiquitious computing? Won’t Zip files begin to appear everywhere?


Well, now you can take YOUR OWN zip file everywhere with the new ZIP SHIRT!

Zip Shirts

That’s right…our new Zip shirts come in two different flavors — male and female! So whether you’re male, or your female…you too can have one of these lovely shirts…

Zip Shirts

Show the world how you zip! Or just show your social network! Zip shirts are made of awesome materials that hurt the environment 60% less than other shirts (of course, they still hurt the environment, so if you’re upset about that we apologize). They also contain 20% less fat!

Zip Shirts

Shirts will be sent to you two weeks after you order them. We hand craft them ourselves, so we’re sorry that our handicraft does not measure up to the Henery Ford assembly mode model you’re used to.


How can you purchase one? Simply comment below and we’ll E-mail you some cool stuff. Like prices — and we’ll ask for your address, probably your shirt size too. We only accept PayPal right now, which is cool and kinda safe, but mostly lame.

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