CyborgCamp Occured Recently…

At the CyborgCamp PreParty, WardCunningham’s wore a Cyborg Transmitter.

CyborgCamp PreParty - WardCunningham's Cyborg Transmitter

He gave a speech the next day on Seeing.


Everyone concentrated a lot.

CyborgCamp crowd

Miss Burrows talked about living with an Insulin pump.

Miss Burrows and the science experiment

Joe Christenson and Mike Kaos live streamed the entire event. CyborgCamp had live attendees from all over the world including Germany, Japan, and London.


Here is what part of the control center looked like. They also had robotic cameras that could be controlled by remote.

Video-streaming setup at #cyborgcamp

Bill DeRouckey gave a speech on symbols in culture that we use in our electronic, technosocial lives.

Using the button to indicate the button

Overall, it was pretty cool. More soon.

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