Using Reality as a BoardGame – Post WhereCamp

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

We played a game after Wherecamp by drawing random game cards from an iphone. The iphone was connected to a database of user-submitted commands such as the following:

We took turns reading off the rules, but this one was the best:

Pretend you are drunk in Japan

The card told us to “Pretend you are drunk and in Japan”.

So we did.

pretending you are drunk in japan

I think Paige is trying to yell “wait up!” But really, we didn’t know what the heck we looked like until these pictures came out. It is strange to pretend to be drunk while sober.

pretending you are drunk in japan

Of course, we wanted to point at all of the bikes.

pretending you are in japan

And the obligatory peace signs. I am not sure why they occur so ubiquitously in photographs of young Japanese teenagers.

pretending you are in japan

It was a really fun card to draw.

pretending you are drunk in japan

The next card we drew told us to “head North until we heard sirens”. We walked a few miles without hearing any until someone arbitrarily made a siren noise and we chose to draw the next card. The next card told us to go to a bar and drink Whiskey–so we did.

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