Makerlab News! Anselm + BNMI + Mountains (Mt. Rundle)

Anselm moved to Banff to work at the Banff New Media Center. He is the lead mobile engineer in the Advanced Mobile Research Lab. The ART Mobile Lab is a research initiative created in 2005 to enable research into mobile and location-based media design, art, technology and cultures of use. In particular, they focus on media created for outdoor spaces and communities – innovative technologies, interactions, and experiences designed for remote locations from cultural heritage sites and wilderness areas to urban parks. Their primary activities include technical R&D (mainly software development for mobile devices), content creation, design research, participant ethnography and audience evaluation, and mobile media outreach and training.

He climbed Mt. Rundle and shot this video.

“this was a total of 6 hours; 4 or more hours up and then 1 to 2 hours down. i found the best place to park was literally at hole #1 on the golf course below; and this is where the trail head is ( you have to walk across the edge of the green near the spray river). the first portion of the hike is easy – to the big gully – from there it gets to be quite vertical to the top of the tree line. from the top of the treeline it is bare scree and strenuous although at least you can see your goal so that helps provide a sense of time. ”

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