Gary Wiseman writes on Socially Activated Art and the Role and Place of Art

Coming In From The Cold: Towards the Demarginalization of Creative Practice

The Artistic Method: Self Reflexivity In Socially Activated Art

gary wiseman
Gary Wiseman at IGLOO Gallery December 2008

‘The creative individual, previously known as ‘Artist’ has an unprecedented opportunity to step out of the margins of society into the mainstream. This creative individual may choose to use his/her creative, critical, self reflexive thinking techniques (the artistic method) to effect change and development from within the multitude. The creative individual may drop him/herself as a creative “Bomb” into the wastelands of the suburban super culture.’

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Keywords for Gary:
* systems: of food/ * ecology / * basketball / * social landscapes / * social architecture / * co-relational design / * collaboration / * lineages / * ritual / * home / * family / * anthropology of food / * the use of aesthetics to create live images of proactive social possibilities / * indigenous flora and fauna of the Northwest USA

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