Boombox App the new Muxtape? At least, reminds me of it…

This is pretty freaking radical. A new Boombox app for the iphone that reminds me so much of Muxtape that it hurts. The app just launched and is very simple at this point but really nicely done and the developers are already talking about modifications and improvements to come (ala playlists like Muxtape). Also the app is made by a really cool friend of mine and its FREE.

I will admit have tried very few radio apps for the iphone but the ones that I did try didn’t impress me very much. I have heard a few things about the Pandora app which just launched a newer version about a week ago, and the reviews seem solid but I don’t know how many people actually listen to the radio on their phones?
I am going to stick with the Boombox app for a couple of reasons: I wanna support apps made by friends and local PDX interactive developers and, frankly its a BOOMBOX!

About the Gorlochs:
Gorloch Interactive is an iPhone development company comprised of four multi-disciplinary creative minds. Our goal is to design and develop innovative iPhone applications that are functional, entertaining, well-designed and something we’d actually use ourselves.
- via the Gorloch website

Go check out the app, tell me what you think and also let me know if there are more radio apps that are cool. Also I still miss muxtape. Which apparently is relaunching soon.

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