Soccer Playing Dog Found in Southern Oregon

Soccer Playing Dog Found in Southern Oregon from Amber Case on Vimeo.

Salem Ore – Ticket, a soccer playing dog, was last seen near an elementary school in a cozy hidden neighborhood. Ticket’s owner, Xali Poppystone, reported that her dog had just “picked up the sport one day at the dog park”.

“I threw him the ball one day and he ran with it and never looked back”, Poppystone said, “and all of the folks at the dog park kept asking me how the heck I trained her to do it.”

When asked if Poppystone planned on extending the dog’s capability to make goals, she shook her head. “I’m sure it will come in time, but I’m just going to let her have fun”.

Briar-Gate, 8, was seen playing with the dog during Thanksgiving weekend. The pair seemed to be teaching each other new tricks.

Ticket is part Rat-Terrier, and part Chihuahua.

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