Nicholas Negroponte – Founder and Director of the MIT Media Lab

Lets face it – it is pretty important to watch historical material dealing with a subject or ecosystem one is currently immersed in. This is why I’ve chosen to post this video. Hopefully it will serve as an amusing and relevant history lesson/historical perspective by the founders of one of the most interesting places currently in existence (both historically and presently), the MIT Media Lab. Enjoy! (Especially his comments on privacy in the Internet age that begin around 14:50).

This is part two of a special two-part series on Net Cafe featuring an in-depth interview with Nicholas Negroponte, Director of the MIT Media Lab, author of Being Digital, and columnist for Wired magazine. Shot on location at the SomArts Cultural Center in San Francisco as a presentation for the Association of Internet Professionals. The interviewer is Net Cafe host Stewart Cheifet. Originally broadcast in 2002.

This video is from the Net Cafe series that’s been graciously preserved by the Internet Archive.

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