Hard at Work on the Makerlab Blog

So, we would like to give you a better experience here at Makerlab.

@paigedestroy works on Makerlab.

So we’ve been working very hard. In fact, we have now spent over 6 hours on this thing! Just think of what we could’ve done with those six hours. We could’ve played hopscotch, consumed ice cream, or watched three Disney films.

Instead, we focused on giving you a better user experience.

There were, of course, some mistakes:

MakerLab Blog

But we fixed them.

MakerLab Blog

Kind of.

In other news, we were captured by a mustache blog yesterday. Apparently, our hair problems were liked by somebody.

(WTF, we made the beard·revue) Mustache harvest at MakerLab

What is next? Well, more posts, of course. Not that we ever stop. I think this blog began only a few weeks ago, and already there are 50 posts here. With a group of awesome sweetopian people like we have posting on this blog, it’s pretty hard to stop.

And with that, I say cheers, and best wishes;


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