Human Computer Interaction at Portland’s North Agency

Chris Teso and Steve Benoit of North Agency are currently working on a Gesture Recognition system. He’s using a more Flash-based system that is easier to install than the one I wrote about at MIT’s Media Lab. However, the ability to control the data is still being modified and expanded. I’m very interested in seeing how the two systems will compare — or if they can ever compare. They are both very incredible things.

:: interaction jackson (cole) ::

I wanted to show this picture of humans and computers interacting in a beautiful way at a young age. Thanks to Steve Benoit for taking this picture. You can view the rest of his Flickrstream here.

Look ma’s, we’re on the news! from chris teso on Vimeo.

The piece is about North’s work for client The Downtown Marketing Initiative and “highlights this years campaign to drag the economically scared shitless consumer out of the suburbs and into the unique beauty that only downtown Portland can offer”, says Chris, “I’d say we’ve done a bang up job of it”.

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